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Ninja's Creed (continue?)

2008-09-18 07:46:48 by DISTRACT-A-BEE

I was actualy pleasantly surprised by how well Ninja's Creed was received, considering that I'm still a novice with flash and recording.
Would there be any interest in a sequel to Ninja's Creed? (I have a few ideas)

Ninja's Creed (continue?)


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2008-10-02 20:05:10

I think a sequel would be pretty sweet. I don't have any ideas right now though...


2008-10-10 21:01:58

I loved Ninja's Creed.It would be awsome if u made a sequel!And i can't think of an idea right now.


2008-11-12 16:39:40

i would love a sequel, i shared the original ninjas creed with a bunch of my friends, and added it to my favorites on deviantart ^^

DISTRACT-A-BEE responds:

Really? that's awesome, what's your DA username?


2009-01-03 20:09:32

Make a Awesomness Creed plz!?
and that would be fine!

DISTRACT-A-BEE responds:

It's been done before, youtube it or something, sorry :)


2009-02-15 22:33:27

Um...hmm...Matrix w/ altiar? or a altair vs. Sasuke or a Sasukealtair combo (like sasuke being an assassin or somthing) and my friend thinks aitair should have a gay sidekick? (he is weird i know but if you want som ideas that is one and people mite like it?)


2009-03-11 18:24:54

A sequel would complete my life ;-;