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2009-08-06 12:53:11 by DISTRACT-A-BEE

I've been busy.
1385 frames and growing.



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2009-11-16 23:50:28

Pretty cool flash.


2009-11-17 00:12:20

great movie!


2009-11-18 01:45:01

Fucking horrible, poorly drawn graphics and no animation or originality whatsoever.

DISTRACT-A-BEE responds:

Haha, you sound almost bitter. Cheer up buuuudy.


2009-11-18 19:10:18



2009-11-18 19:58:57

I love this flash. Good job.


2009-11-19 06:25:51

Just saw this flash and thought I had to stop by and tell you that this was great! The best part though is the end
AI Director:...smell you later!
ahhh classic!
fucking poor loser Gary.


2009-11-19 07:57:10

Haha, loved this one dude. Hey, could you make something similar but with TF2 instead? That would be swell... :D


2009-11-20 02:18:09

Lights off people....


2009-11-22 13:56:14

How the fuck is creating poor motionless graphics and porting sound a good flash learning experience? Are you mastering to becoming the lead animator of Total Drama Island? Also why the fuck is this still on the front page, I mean holy shit That's My Fulp has more quality, along with flashes that are intentionally lesser quality.

DISTRACT-A-BEE responds:

You again? You'd think you could use your time to be productive. But I'll answer your questions. I learned a lot about symbols and grouping, I usually frame by frame everything, I didn't even realize I could make a graphic symbol that didn't loop, craziness. I also found out that compressing stream sounds on a 3000+ framed flash causes it to play out of sync.
I get that you're upset I'm on the front page, but that's not really my fault : / bitching about it doesn't solve anything.


2009-11-23 05:01:00

I TOTALY AGREE with carljohnson!!!!!!! BUUUUUUT!
you must understand that graphics arent the only rating in the world...
theres also the story that is very important... you know
it is a real art to make a good flash movie with poor animation.
People are laughing when they see the movie so they dont care about the motion tweens. xD nice movie!!! Keep up the good parodies!

DISTRACT-A-BEE responds:

When the idea was to make a FPS game look similar to an oldschool gameboy game that had no animation I get a bit confused when people point the tweening out as a flaw. It's like "duh, you didn't play Pokemon when you were a kid I guess".